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      And these? asked Callippides, taking from behind the chair a pair of little sandals for a child seven or eight years old, are these yours too?

      "And must war follow?" The question was Anna's again, and Hilary sat down closer to answer confidentially:

      It wasLady Ada, said Norman in a low voice.

      Never had she seen such a look in his face as that with which he confronted her. Grief, consternation, discovery and wrath were all as one save that only the discovery and wrath meant her. She saw how for two days and nights he had been putting this and that and this and that and this and that together until he had guessed her out. Sternly in his eyes she perceived contumely withholding itself, yet even while she felt the done-for cry heave through her bosom, and the floor fail like a sinking deck, she clung to her stage part, babbled impromptu lines.

      Trafford, knowing that concealment was no longer possible, rose and walked toward the hut. At the sound of his footsteps, Varley turned and confronted him.

      Search the camp, boys, he said, briefly."Any use? No, no!"


      "That's what I feared," said Hilary, though while he spoke she fiercely felt that she certainly would have betrayed him; not for horror of Ship Island but because now, after this, no Anna Callender nor all the world conspired should have him from her alive.


      Callippides then left the house, and did not return until the evening.What is it you mean, Lady Wyndover? he said, almost soothingly, certainly without any resentmentas yet. Tell me as quickly as you can why you call mewhat was it?a scoundrel?


      Trafford took it gratefully.