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      "Why, in outward manner, yes; but, Smith, he was raised to be a Catholic priest. I could a heap-sight easier trust him if he'd sometimes show distrust, himself. If he ever does I've never seen it. And yet--Oh, we're the best of friends, and I'm speaking now only as a friend and toe a friend. Oh, if it wa'n't for just one thing, I could admit what Major Harper said of him not ten minutes ago to me; that you never finish talking to Ned Ferry without feeling a little brighter, happier and cleaner than when you began; whereas talking with some men it's just the reverse."He glanced at me suddenly, then smoothed his horse's mane, and said, gently, "That means you have declared yourself to her?"

      The Curate's hands became still. "Oh, dear." He wrestled with the blankness in his mind. "You're certainlyforgive me for saying itrather an odd person. I'm afraid we've both made a mistake, haven't we?"

      Why of their becoming sisters. I am no match-maker, thank God, but really the way in which Mr Silverdale introduced his sister to Alice, why, I have never seen anything like it. This is my Helper, Margaret, he said, or perhaps it was Martha: I could not quite catch the name. This is my dear Helper (that was it) and I couldnt do without her. What do you say to that?

      "Deserters, I don't doubt!" was my comment to the ladies. Tongue revenge is poor, but it is something.And theres the opening of the hospital wing to-morrow, she said. I suppose you wont be at the office in the morning at all?

      Top-side Galah!

      The line of perpetual snow.He handed Frank a double sheet of paper with some printed and written matter on the first page, and some printed lists on the third and fourth pages. The second page was blank; the first page read as follows:


      Balmayne took the bare throat of the speaker in his grip and shook Maitrank as a reed is shaken in the wind.


      Yes, Hetty could hear the chink of a glass, the fizz of something aerated. Her heart was beating painfully, but she was not afraid. Dimly, in a mirror opposite, she could see a hand reflected. But she could not see the face. The girl deflected the mirror slightly, so that the head and shoulders of the intruder were dimly focused upon it.


      "The term cloisonn comes from the French word cloison, which means a field or enclosure, and you will see as you go on how appropriate it is to this kind of work. If you examine the bowl which you will find in the box, you[Pg 244] will see that it has a groundwork of light blue, and that on this groundwork there are fine threads of brass enclosing little squares and other figures in colors quite different from the body of the bowl. If you look at the cover, you will find that these squares and figures are repeated, and also that there are three circles, like plates with serrated edges, that seem to be lying on the top of the cover. These plates, or circles, have pictures of flowers on them, and the designs of the flowers on each one are different from those of the other two. Every leaf and petal is distinct from the others by means of the brass wires, and the colors do not at any time run together.Hetty dragged herself to her feet. She was utterly exhausted with her fight, but there was the fierce triumph of knowing that she had won. She had played her part and the rest of it was in cleverer hands than her own.