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      Its full of adventure, she said, and all sorts of terrible things happen to the manenough to kill ten men out of a bookbut he gets through them all in a most wonderful manner. And hes always saving some girl, and shooting some man; but the man who wrote it doesnt seem to know the difference between a rifle and an ordinary gunhe ought to have lived in Three Starbut it isnt bad.

      I am not tired, she whispered. What is it you want to say to me?

      But, dearest, remonstrated Lilias, gently, you are Traffords wife, the dukes daughter, and, of course, the mistress of the house. You must take the lead; and how well you will do it! she added, admiringly.Varley Howard reassured him, and went in search of Esmeralda. He found her lying at full length under the trees by the stream. Her pony was nibbling the grass a few feet from her; her hat was hanging over her eyes, her arms folded behind her head. She looked the picture of girlish grace and loveliness.

      Is he one of the Howards of Suffolk? asked Norman, with interest.

      I am very glad, she said.

      At that same moment Simon dropped the fatal handkerchief, and Varley fired.


      So it was with cheerful alacrity that the men gathered round the two who were credited with starting the shindy, and pulled out revolvers and bowie-knives for the free fight which everybody knew would set in with the usual severity.


      And do your hair, too, miss? asked Barker, with wild astonishment.


      Lady Wyndover patted her hand, and hesitated a moment, then she laughed softly.I am married now, andand it is too late; you can have the money