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      There is this wanting, she said, that one can not have enough; and the little there is consists of coarse pot-herbs that nobody can eat.

      But she was left to live in the convent without [357] ever leaving it, and her lot would have been deplorable indeed but for the affection and sympathy she met with from every one, above all, from the good abbess, Mme. de Rossgnol, who had taken care of her education, and with whom she dined and spent the whole day.

      Mlle. Georgette Ducrest, a cousin of Mme. de Genlis, had emigrated with her family, who were [454] protected by Mme. de Montesson and Josphine, and now applied for radiation.

      There was nobody in the garden of the mausoleums, not even the usual obsequious and mendicant attendant. Only by the tomb of Purvez a moollah was kneeling in prayer, motionless, and wrapped in some very light white material, which the wind gently stirred and blew up. All the time I was examining the mausoleums he prayed on, prostrate, immovable; and even from afar, from the road, I could see him still, like a stone among the marble work, at the feet of the hero who sleeps his last in mid-air.

      [Pg 185]



      One old man, indeed, bowed so low that he fell into the water, and all the worshippers shouted with laughter.


      "Indeed! I don't know anything about him, but I want to know ever so much. I call it an interesting face."The Comte de Sgur was made Master of the Ceremonies by Napoleon when he became Emperor, after which his brother used to put on his cards, Sgur sans crmonies.