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      "I say we can't give it to you now," Miss Harper persisted, with a motherly smile; "we're wearing it ourselves. We've had no time to take it off. I couldn't get the boots off me last night. And even if you had the boots, the other things--""My lord, I was unwilling that a soul should be lost"

      "I don't know why you should," she said.

      "In the second place, I am not here merely on this errand."

      "She told us about it. And you needn't look so disturbed; she only praised you.""Simon Sudbury," answered Ball, with a look of equal defiance, and still deeper scorn"my dungeon doors obeyed the spirit of the free; and God alone can judge who is defiled, or who is pure"

      "That was almost an adventure, itself," laughingly murmured my companion, as if adventures were what we were in search of. While she spoke we came out into a slender road and turned due north. "Did you," she went on, childishly, "ever take a snake up by the tail, in your thumb and finger, and watch him try to double on himself and bite you? I have, it's great fun; makes you feel so creepy, and yet you know you're safe!""Because," was the reply, "it is, or was, the entrance to the land of gold. It was so named after the discovery of gold in California, and until he completion of the Overland railway it was the principal pathway to the country where everybody expected to make a fortune."


      Mary said that when she was a child, ten cherries were exchanged among her schoolmates for one apple, two apples for one pear, and two pears for one orange. One day she took some oranges to school intending to exchange them for cherries, of which she was very fond; she left them in Katie Smith's desk, but Katie was hungry and ate one of the oranges at recess.THE GOD OF THE KITCHEN. THE GOD OF THE KITCHEN.


      "Doesn't a good story revive the poetry of our actual lives?" He wiped the rim of his cap with a handkerchief of yellow silk enriched at one corner with needlework.


      "We shall have it very lively in a short time, and are not likely to reach Shanghai in a hurry."