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      Watched, evenings, turn and turn about, till midnight, Dick told him. Mr. Whiteside took the day shift and came on to relieve us every midnight.No signs of any struggle either, said the detective who had investigated with his flash.

      Careful not to scrape his soles in the cement, he gathered himself into a crouching, compact, alert figure."Possibly! Not allowed!"

      A solid milling cutter must be an accurately finished piece of work, made with more precision than can be expected in the work it is to perform. This accuracy cannot be attained by ordinary processes, because such tools, when tempered, are liable to become distorted in shape, and frequently break. When hardened they must be finished by grinding processes, if intended for any accurate work; in fact, no tools, except gauging implements, involve more expense to prepare, and none are so liable to accident when in use.

      I dont miss much! Sandy said meaningly.

      Whether neutral or foreigner, no one could help being deeply moved. Men and women, boys and girls, pressed once more through the German fence, just to shake hands with someone they had recognised. No wailing followed, but when hands were gripped, with a suppressed sob, they said:

      The EndOnly the youngest member of the trio, as the craft nosed into a gentle glide and banked in a turn to get in position to shoot the private landing spot on the old estate, took the occasion as anything but a lark.


      Why not? Dick wanted to know.


      Did you forget last time to put the stick back and make the blast on the elevators hold the tail down while we taxi? Sure, you didbut you wont again, because you saw that if you didnt we might nose over. You over-controlled, too, and almost nosed over before you caught itand then, we were going so fast I dont know what kept this-here crate from starting to hop.


      It struck me always that as soon as something took place anywhere which might lead to disorder, the method adopted was as follows: first a fusillade in order to scare the inhabitants, secondly looting of numberless bottles of wine, and finally cruel, inhuman murders, the ransacking and the wrecking.